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Product Description

Product Description

Enhance your hydraulic system with our high-quality threaded bushing for cylinders. Durable and precise, perfect for industrial machinery.


We specialize in providing top-quality hydraulic cylinder parts tailored to your specifications. Our meticulously crafted components, including pistons, guiding heads, bushings, clevis, and piston rods, are designed for optimal performance and durability. Made from robust materials, our parts are built to withstand low-pressure environments and normal temperatures, ensuring reliable operation in any situation.


Choose HangZhou SY Import & Export Co., Ltd. for all your hydraulic cylinder part needs. Experience the thrill of receiving customized, high-quality products that will elevate the performance of your hydraulic systems. Trust us to consistently deliver CHINAMFG in every product we supply.

Product Parameters

Product Name

Threaded Bushing for Hydraulic Cylinders


Steel / Stainless steel
Any other material and dimension depends on customers’ demand.

Surface Treatment


3.Special handling

Test Equipment

Measurement instrument, Projector, CMM, Altimeter, Micrometer, Thread Gages, Calipers, Pin Gauge etc


  According to the drawing requirements


According to customers’ requirement


  Hydraulic systems and connection systems for engineering and agricultural machinery


CNC machining, CNC milling and turning, drilling, grinding, bending, stamping, tapping,etc



Product Description:


  • Support: OEM/ODM
  • Commodity: Threaded Bushing
  • Available Steel Grades: C20
  • Machining & Turning: As per drawings
  • Standard Export Packing: By poly-wood pallet or case
  • Customized Packing or Marking: Available CHINAMFG request


For more information, please contact HangZhou SY Import & Export Co., Ltd.



Our Advantages

Product Description


Quality Guarantee


  • Mechanical, chemical, and microstructure tests conducted
  • Completed quality control system in place
  • Long warranty time for peace of mind


Quality Document


  • Mechanical, chemical, and microstructure test reports available
  • Quality Control Report for transparency


Company Name: HangZhou SY Import & Export Co., Ltd.


3.Packing and Shipping

Product Description


Welcome to HangZhou SY Import & Export Co., Ltd.


Product: Standard Export Package


Our company offers a range of standard export packages including carton, wooden case, iron case, pallet, and more. We provide flexible shipping options such as FOB, CIF, CFR, door to door delivery, or accommodating customer-designated shipping agents. With our commitment to prompt delivery, you can trust us to meet your shipping needs efficiently.

Product Display

Packaging & Shipping

HangZhou SY Import & Export Co., Ltd. offers high-quality Hydraulic Cylinder Threaded Bushing. Standard exporting package. Delivery within 30 days or as per order request.

Company Profile


HangZhou SY Import & Export Co., Ltd.


With over 20 years of experience, we are a trusted supplier of high-quality parts. Our diverse product range includes:


  • Spherical Plain Bearings (Radial Ball Joints): Exceptional load-bearing capabilities for smooth movement and reduced friction.
  • Rod Ends (Ball Joint Ends): Designed for durability and optimal performance in rotational movement.
  • Components for Hydraulic Cylinders: Ensuring efficient operation in demanding environments.
  • Pneumatic Cylinder Accessories: Enhancing efficiency and functionality in pneumatic systems.
  • Hydraulic Fittings and Adaptors: Secure connections and efficient fluid transfer in hydraulic systems.
  • Control Cable and Fittings for Automobile or Agricultural Machinery: Providing reliable and precise control mechanisms.


Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction goes beyond products. We offer value-added services and expert guidance to meet specific needs. Trust us to be your partner in success.



Product Description


Welcome to HangZhou SY Import & Export Co., Ltd.


Product: Customized Products


Delivery Time: Generally within 35 days after order confirmation.


Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 500pcs for small size products, 100pcs for larger size products.


Customization: We can customize products based on your design drawings or samples.


Payment Terms: 30% T/T in advance for the first order, balance within 30 days after B/L date.


Quality Control Process:


  • Checking raw materials CHINAMFG arrival – Incoming Quality Control (IQC)
  • Inspecting details before production – In-process Quality Control (IPQC)
  • Full and routine inspection during mass production
  • Final inspection of finished goods – Final Quality Control (FQC)
  • Outgoing Quality Control (QC) before shipment
  • 100% inspection and delivery before shipping

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Certification: ISO9001, IATF 16949
Pressure: Low Pressure
Work Temperature: Normal Temperature
US$ 0/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


Order Sample



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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

single acting hydraulic cylinder

Can single-acting hydraulic cylinders be used in aerospace applications?

Yes, single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be used in aerospace applications. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Aerospace engineering involves designing and manufacturing aircraft and spacecraft, which require precise control and reliable actuation systems. Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are utilized in certain aerospace applications due to their ability to provide controlled linear motion and force.

Here are some examples of how single-acting hydraulic cylinders are used in aerospace:

1. Landing Gear Systems: Landing gear systems in aircraft play a crucial role in takeoff, landing, and taxiing. Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are commonly employed in these systems to extend and retract the landing gear. The cylinders provide the necessary force to support the aircraft’s weight and ensure smooth landing gear operation.

2. Cargo Doors and Access Panels: Aircraft cargo doors and access panels require controlled opening and closing mechanisms. Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are used to actuate these doors and panels, providing the force needed to move them and secure them in place during flight.

3. Flight Control Surfaces: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are also applied in aircraft flight control systems. These systems control the movement of flight control surfaces such as ailerons, elevators, and rudders, which are essential for maneuvering the aircraft. Hydraulic cylinders provide the necessary force to actuate these surfaces, enabling precise control and maneuverability.

4. Thrust Reverser Systems: In some aircraft, thrust reverser systems are used to assist with deceleration during landing. Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are involved in these systems, helping to deploy and stow the thrust reverser mechanisms, which redirect engine thrust forward to assist in braking.

5. Spacecraft Applications: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders find applications in spacecraft systems as well. They can be used for functions such as deploying scientific instruments, extending solar panels, or controlling antenna movement. The cylinders provide reliable and controlled linear motion in the harsh conditions of space.

It is important to note that aerospace applications have stringent requirements for reliability, weight reduction, and safety. Single-acting hydraulic cylinders used in aerospace must meet rigorous standards and undergo extensive testing and certification processes to ensure their performance and reliability in extreme operating conditions.

In summary, single-acting hydraulic cylinders are employed in various aerospace applications, including landing gear systems, cargo doors and access panels, flight control surfaces, thrust reverser systems, and spacecraft applications. Their ability to provide controlled linear motion and force makes them valuable components in achieving precise actuation and control in aerospace engineering.

single acting hydraulic cylinder

Can single-acting hydraulic cylinders be integrated into material testing equipment?

Yes, single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be integrated into material testing equipment. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Material testing equipment is used to evaluate the mechanical properties and performance of various materials. It involves subjecting the materials to controlled forces, pressures, or strains to measure their behavior and characteristics. Single-acting hydraulic cylinders offer several advantages that make them suitable for integration into material testing equipment. Here are some key points on the application of single-acting hydraulic cylinders in material testing:

1. Force Generation: Material testing often requires the application of precise and controlled forces to the test specimens. Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are capable of generating high forces in a single direction, making them ideal for material testing applications. By regulating the hydraulic pressure supplied to the cylinder, the force exerted can be precisely adjusted to match the requirements of the test. This allows for accurate and repeatable force application during material testing.

2. Load Capacity: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are available in a wide range of load capacities, allowing them to accommodate different testing requirements. Whether testing small-scale samples or large structural components, single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be selected with the appropriate load capacity to ensure accurate and reliable testing results.

3. Precise Control: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders offer precise control over force and movement, which is essential in material testing. The hydraulic system associated with the cylinder allows for fine adjustments in pressure, flow, and speed, enabling operators to control the applied force with high accuracy. This precise control ensures that the material is subjected to the intended testing conditions, facilitating accurate data collection and analysis.

4. Versatility: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are versatile and can be integrated into various types of material testing equipment. They can be incorporated into universal testing machines, compression testing machines, tensile testing machines, fatigue testing machines, and other specialized testing equipment. The cylinders can be customized and configured to suit specific testing requirements and specimen sizes.

5. Safety Considerations: Material testing often involves significant forces or pressures that can pose safety risks. Single-acting hydraulic cylinders can incorporate safety features such as overload protection mechanisms or emergency stop systems. These safety measures help prevent accidents, equipment damage, or specimen failure, ensuring the safety of personnel and the integrity of the testing equipment.

6. Data Acquisition: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be integrated with data acquisition systems to capture and record the force and displacement data during material testing. Load cells or pressure transducers can be installed to measure the force exerted by the cylinder, while displacement sensors can measure the movement or deformation of the specimen. This data acquisition capability facilitates accurate and comprehensive analysis of the material’s behavior under different testing conditions.

It is important to design and configure the material testing equipment carefully, considering factors such as the type of material being tested, the desired testing parameters, and the applicable testing standards. Compliance with industry standards and regulations should also be ensured to maintain the accuracy and reliability of the testing results.

In summary, single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be effectively integrated into material testing equipment due to their force generation capabilities, load capacity options, precise control, versatility, safety considerations, and data acquisition capabilities. These features enable accurate and reliable testing of material properties and performance.

single acting hydraulic cylinder

Can you explain the purpose and common applications of single-acting hydraulic cylinders?

Single-acting hydraulic cylinders serve specific purposes in various industrial and mechanical applications. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Purpose: The main purpose of single-acting hydraulic cylinders is to generate force in one direction, typically the extending stroke. They convert hydraulic pressure into linear force, allowing for the lifting, pushing, or holding of objects. Single-acting cylinders are designed for applications where force is required in one direction, and the return stroke can be accomplished by external means.

2. Common Applications: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders find applications in a wide range of industries and systems, including:

  • Lifting Equipment: Single-acting cylinders are commonly used in lifting equipment such as hydraulic lifts, scissor lifts, and elevators. They provide the force required to raise and lower platforms or objects.
  • Dump Trucks: Hydraulic cylinders are essential components in dump trucks. Single-acting cylinders are used to lift and tilt the truck bed, allowing for the controlled unloading of materials.
  • Hydraulic Jacks: Single-acting hydraulic jacks are widely used for lifting heavy loads in automotive repair shops, construction sites, and other industrial settings. They provide a compact and portable solution for raising vehicles or equipment.
  • Industrial Machinery: Single-acting cylinders are employed in various types of industrial machinery, including presses, clamping devices, and material handling equipment. They enable the application of force for punching, bending, pressing, or holding operations.
  • Construction Equipment: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are utilized in construction equipment such as cranes, loaders, and excavators. They assist in lifting, extending, and manipulating components of these machines.
  • Agricultural Machinery: Hydraulic cylinders are integral to agricultural machinery like tractors, harvesters, and sprayers. They are used for tasks such as lifting and lowering attachments, adjusting implements, and controlling hydraulic systems.
  • Marine Applications: Single-acting cylinders are found in marine equipment, including boat lifts, steering systems, and anchor winches. They provide the necessary force for marine operations and control.

These are just a few examples of the many applications where single-acting hydraulic cylinders are employed. Their simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and ability to generate force in one direction make them suitable for tasks that do not require bidirectional force or precise control over both extending and retracting movements.

In summary, single-acting hydraulic cylinders serve the purpose of generating force in one direction and are utilized in various industries and applications such as lifting equipment, dump trucks, hydraulic jacks, industrial machinery, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and marine applications.

China Best Sales High-Quality Hydraulic Cylinder Threaded Bushing   with Hot selling	China Best Sales High-Quality Hydraulic Cylinder Threaded Bushing   with Hot selling
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