China best Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder with High Strength Alloy Steel Body with Great quality

Product Description

Product Description




1. Flat design for low height space requirement.                                                      
2. Mountingg holes supply an easy fixture.                                                                
3. Special designed cup seal provides for steady and durable performance.                    
4. High strength alloy steel body is durale for long working life.                                 
5. Heavy duty return spring supply a fast and steady retraction.                               
6. Chrome plated rod provent rust and corrosion.






Model No.

Capacity Stroke (mm)

Oil Cap. (cm3)

Bore Dia. (mm)

Cylinder Effective Area   (cm2)

Wt. (kg)

YFS50 5 6 4.3 30 7.1 0.6
YFS100 10 10 15.9 45 15.9 1.5
YFS200 20 11 31.1 60 28.3 2.7
YFS300 30 13 53.3 73 41.8 4.3
YFS500 50 16 99.5 89 62.2 6.7
YFS750 75 16 166.1 115 103.8 11.4
YFS1000 90 16 212.3 130 132.7 14.5
YFS1500 150 16 321.6 160 201 26.3



Model No.

Capacity Stroke (in)

Oil Cap.  (in3)

Bore Dia.(in)

Cylinder Effective Area (in2)

Wt. (Lbs)

YFS50 5 0.24 0.26 1.18 1.1 1.33
YFS100 10 0.39 0.97 1.77 2.46 3.33
YFS200 20 0.43 1.9 2.36 4.39 5.95
YFS300 30 0.51 3.25 2.87 6.48 9.48
YFS500 50 0.63 6.07 3.5 9.64 14.8
YFS750 75 0.63 10.14 4.53 16.1 25.1
YFS1000 90 0.63 12.96 5.12 20.57 32
YFS1500 150 0.63 19.63 6.3 31.16 58














Retracted Height   (in) Extended Height (in)

Outside Dia. (in)

Piston Dia.  (in)

Base  to   Port (in)



Mount hole




base  (in)

Bolt circle (in)




Hole Depth


YFS50 1.3 1.53 2.32X1.65 1 0.63 0.9 0.83  1.12  0.21   0.17
YFS100 1.69 2.08 3.62X2.2 1.5 0.75 1.33 1.1  1.44  0.27  0.31 
YFS200 2 2.44 3.97X2.99 2 0.75 1.57 1.57  1.94  0.39  0.39 
YFS300 2.28 2.79 4.6X3.74 2.6 0.75 1.77 1.89  2.06  0.39  0.44 
YFS500 2.64 3.26 5.51X4.48 2.75 0.75 2.12 2.24  2.62 0.43  0.5 
YFS750 3.11 3.74 6.49X5.47 3.26 0.75 2.59 2.72  0.53  0.56 
YFS1000 3.38 4.01 7X6 3.62 0.75 2.91 2.99  0.53  0.56 
YFS1500 3.94 4.56 8.46X7.48 4.52 0.9 3.22 3.74  4.62  0.53  0.56 


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HangZhou CHINAMFG Electronic & Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd

Website: lillian77


Derek King (Export Manager)



Certification: CE
Pressure: High Pressure
Work Temperature: Normal Temperature
Acting Way: Single Acting
Working Method: Straight Trip
Adjusted Form: Regulated Type
US$ 300/SET
1 SET(Min.Order)




single acting hydraulic cylinder

Can single-acting hydraulic cylinders be employed in material handling equipment?

Yes, single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be employed in material handling equipment. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Material handling equipment is widely used in various industries, including manufacturing, logistics, construction, and warehousing, to efficiently move, lift, and transport materials and goods. Single-acting hydraulic cylinders play a crucial role in the operation of many types of material handling equipment.

These cylinders are commonly found in equipment such as forklifts, pallet jacks, scissor lifts, lifting tables, and conveyor systems. They enable controlled lifting, lowering, tilting, and pushing/pulling actions, allowing for precise material handling and positioning.

Single-acting hydraulic cylinders offer several advantages in material handling applications:

1. Lifting Capacity: These cylinders can generate substantial force, enabling the equipment to lift heavy loads. The lifting capacity can be designed to meet the specific requirements of the material handling equipment.

2. Controlled and Smooth Operation: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders provide precise control over the movement of materials. The hydraulic system allows for smooth and gradual lifting, lowering, and tilting actions, ensuring safe and efficient material handling.

3. Compact Design: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders have a compact design, making them suitable for integration into various material handling equipment. The cylinders can be installed in tight spaces without compromising performance or functionality.

4. Cost-Effective: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are generally more cost-effective compared to other types of hydraulic cylinders. Their simpler design and reduced complexity contribute to lower manufacturing and maintenance costs.

5. Durability and Reliability: Material handling equipment often operates in demanding environments, subject to heavy loads, impacts, and repetitive cycles. Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are designed to withstand these harsh conditions, offering durability and long-term reliability.

6. Safety Features: Many material handling equipment applications require safety features, such as load-holding valves and emergency lowering systems. These safety features can be integrated into the hydraulic system of single-acting cylinders to ensure safe operation and protect against accidents.

It is important to note that while single-acting hydraulic cylinders are commonly used in material handling equipment, the specific cylinder type and configuration may vary depending on the equipment’s design and requirements. Other types of hydraulic cylinders, such as double-acting cylinders or telescopic cylinders, may also be employed in certain material handling applications.

In summary, single-acting hydraulic cylinders are indeed employed in material handling equipment. Their lifting capacity, controlled operation, compact design, cost-effectiveness, durability, and safety features make them well-suited for various material handling applications across different industries.

single acting hydraulic cylinder

How does a single-acting hydraulic cylinder contribute to precise force application in industrial settings?

A single-acting hydraulic cylinder plays a significant role in enabling precise force application in industrial settings. Here’s a detailed explanation:

In many industrial applications, the ability to apply precise and controlled forces is crucial for achieving desired outcomes. A single-acting hydraulic cylinder offers several features that contribute to precise force application. Here are the key factors:

1. Hydraulic Systems: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are typically part of a hydraulic system that includes a pump, valves, and control mechanisms. The hydraulic system allows for precise control over the force applied by the cylinder. By regulating the hydraulic pressure supplied to the cylinder, the force generated can be accurately adjusted to match the specific requirements of the application. This precise control enables operators to apply forces with a high degree of accuracy.

2. Force Generation: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are designed to generate force in a single direction, either during extension or retraction of the piston. The force generated is directly proportional to the hydraulic pressure applied to the cylinder. By precisely controlling the hydraulic pressure, the force applied by the cylinder can be finely adjusted to meet the desired level of precision. This is particularly beneficial in industrial settings where precise force application is necessary for tasks such as assembly, pressing, clamping, or material deformation.

3. Load Sensing and Feedback: Some advanced hydraulic systems incorporate load sensing mechanisms and feedback devices. Load sensing allows the hydraulic system to monitor the force being exerted by the cylinder in real-time. This feedback information can be used to adjust the hydraulic pressure and ensure that the desired force is maintained accurately. Load sensing and feedback systems enhance the precision of force application by continuously monitoring and adjusting the hydraulic parameters to match the requirements of the industrial process.

4. Control Valves: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be equipped with control valves that provide further control over the force application. Control valves, such as pressure relief valves or flow control valves, regulate the flow of hydraulic fluid to the cylinder and control the rate at which the force is applied. These valves can be adjusted to fine-tune the force application, allowing for precise and gradual force buildup or release. By manipulating the control valves, operators can achieve the desired level of precision in force application for industrial processes.

5. Application-Specific Customization: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be customized to meet specific industrial requirements. The cylinder’s design, size, and materials can be tailored to suit the application, ensuring optimal force application and precision. Customization options include the selection of appropriate seals, coatings, or accessories to enhance the cylinder’s performance and accuracy in specific industrial settings.

6. Safety Considerations: Precise force application in industrial settings often involves safety considerations. Single-acting hydraulic cylinders can incorporate safety features such as pressure relief valves, emergency stop mechanisms, or overload protection systems. These safety measures help prevent excessive force application, equipment damage, or system failures, ensuring the safety of personnel and the integrity of the industrial processes.

By leveraging the features of single-acting hydraulic cylinders, industrial settings can achieve precise force application, which is essential for tasks that require accuracy, consistency, and repeatability. Whether it’s in manufacturing, assembly, material processing, or other industrial applications, the precise force application facilitated by single-acting hydraulic cylinders contributes to improved product quality, operational efficiency, and overall productivity.

single acting hydraulic cylinder

How does a single-acting hydraulic cylinder contribute to efficient force generation?

A single-acting hydraulic cylinder plays a crucial role in efficiently generating force for various applications. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Direct Force Generation: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are designed to generate force in one direction, typically the extending stroke. By applying hydraulic pressure to the cylinder’s pressure chamber, the piston moves linearly, transmitting force to the piston rod. This direct force generation mechanism allows for efficient and effective transfer of hydraulic energy into mechanical force.

2. High Power-to-Weight Ratio: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders offer a high power-to-weight ratio, making them efficient in force generation. The compact and lightweight design of the cylinder allows for a significant force output relative to its size and weight. This characteristic is especially advantageous in applications where space and weight limitations exist.

3. Mechanical Advantage: The mechanical advantage of a single-acting hydraulic cylinder contributes to efficient force generation. The cylinder’s design incorporates a piston with a larger effective area on the pressure side and a smaller effective area on the return side. This size difference creates a mechanical advantage, amplifying the force output compared to the hydraulic pressure input. As a result, the cylinder can generate a greater force with the same hydraulic pressure.

4. Customizable Force Output: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders offer flexibility in adjusting the force output to suit specific requirements. The force generated by the cylinder can be controlled by adjusting the hydraulic pressure supplied to the pressure chamber. This adjustability allows for precise force matching for different loads and applications, contributing to efficient force generation.

5. Energy Efficiency: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are known for their energy efficiency. They require hydraulic pressure only during the extending stroke, where force generation is needed. During the return stroke, external forces or mechanisms, such as gravity or springs, are utilized instead of hydraulic pressure. This intermittent use of hydraulic energy minimizes energy consumption, resulting in efficient operation and reduced power requirements.

6. Reliability and Durability: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are designed to be reliable and durable, contributing to efficient force generation over extended periods. The cylinders are constructed with robust materials and components capable of withstanding high forces and pressures. Additionally, their simple design with fewer moving parts reduces the likelihood of mechanical failures, ensuring consistent and efficient force generation.

7. Integration with Hydraulic Systems: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be seamlessly integrated into hydraulic systems, further enhancing their efficiency in force generation. They can be combined with other hydraulic components such as pumps, valves, and actuators to create a comprehensive system that optimizes force generation and control. This integration allows for coordinated operation and efficient utilization of hydraulic power.

In summary, a single-acting hydraulic cylinder contributes to efficient force generation through direct force transmission, high power-to-weight ratio, mechanical advantage, customizable force output, energy efficiency, reliability, durability, and integration with hydraulic systems. These characteristics make single-acting hydraulic cylinders a preferred choice in various applications where efficient force generation is essential.

China best Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder with High Strength Alloy Steel Body   with Great quality China best Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder with High Strength Alloy Steel Body   with Great quality
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