2 HP Wing Van Hydraulic Power Unit with Steel Box



Introducing the 2 HP Wing Van Hydraulic Power Unit, a robust and efficient solution designed for peak performance in engineering machinery industries. This power unit, encased in a durable steel box, is a critical control element in hydraulic transmission systems, expertly converting hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Manufactured and showcased in Indonesia, it boasts a warranty of 1.5 years, a testament to its quality and reliability.

This hydraulic power unit stands apart with its unique specifications. It has a rod diameter of 32mm, an outer tube diameter of 63mm, and an inner tube diameter of 50mm. This supports a maximum stroke of 400mm, delivering a powerful performance. The unit is equipped with a DC24V motor, which operates at a power of 2.2kw. It includes an oil tank with an 8L capacity and a gear pump with a displacement of 2.1cc/r. The unit is standard in design, apt for a wing van application. Also, it includes a high-quality coil imported from Korea, ensuring its longevity and high efficiency.

Maintenance of this hydraulic power unit is simple and straightforward. Regular inspection of the oil tank capacity and the condition of the coil can ensure the unit’s optimal performance. It’s recommended to keep an eye on the displacement of the gear pump to avoid any potential issues. As with all hydraulic systems, it’s essential to keep the unit clean and free from dirt and debris, which can cause unnecessary wear and tear.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the warranty period for the 2 HP Wing Van Hydraulic Power Unit?

A1: The warranty period for this power unit is 1.5 years.

Q2: What is the maximum stroke of this hydraulic power unit?

A2: The maximum stroke of this power unit is 400mm.

Q3: What is the oil tank capacity of this unit?

A3: The oil tank of this hydraulic power unit has a capacity of 8L.