Double Acting Hydraulic Steering System for Boats: A Korean Brand Expanding Horizons



When it comes to marine adventure, the double acting hydraulic steering system for boats manufactured by a leading Korean brand stands out as a game-changer. This newly launched product, with its cutting-edge features, is set to revolutionize the marine industry. The hydraulic steering system is crafted with precision, utilizing top-quality materials and technical expertise. This new product is not just a steering system; it’s an unparalleled blend of performance, durability, and reliability.

The hydraulic steering system is built to perfection, featuring a non-standard piston cylinder structure powered by hydraulics. With a bore diameter of 50mm and a rod diameter of 25mm, the system has a stroke of 200. This double-acting system is designed for optimal performance, ensuring smooth and effortless steering at all times. The robust steel body, customized painting options, and seals from Parker and Hallite further enhance its durability and resistance to harsh marine conditions.

The hydraulic steering system is equipped with an aluminum alloy tube, ensuring lightweight strength and corrosion resistance. The system also comes with a bin and bleed nipple, adding to its functionality. With an option for a pump, this versatile system caters to diverse marine needs. The weight of the system is a mere 3KG, making it easy to install and handle. With a year-long warranty on the core components and outgoing-inspection videos provided, this product is not only reliable but also provides peace of mind to its users.

EVER-POWER, as a leading name in manufacturing hydraulic steering systems, ensures that the product maintenance is as straightforward as its operation. With a dedicated customer support team and comprehensive user manuals, maintaining your marine hydraulic steering system has never been easier. EVER-POWER also provides machinery test reports and offers an ordinary product marketing type, making it a go-to choice for manufacturing plants, farms, retail, and construction works.

EVER-POWER’s hydraulic steering system is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We invite you to explore this remarkable product and experience the difference it can make to your marine adventures. Whether you’re a boat owner, marine engineer, or marine product retailer, we encourage you to take this opportunity to enhance your boating experience and expand your business horizons with our top-quality product. Don’t wait! Navigate your way to success with EVER-POWER’s double acting hydraulic steering system.

Q1: What is the weight of the double acting hydraulic steering system?
A1: The weight of the hydraulic steering system is 3KG, making it lightweight and easy to handle.

Q2: What is the warranty period for the core components of the steering system?
A2: The warranty period for the core components of the hydraulic steering system is one year.

Q3: Is there an option to include a pump with the hydraulic steering system?
A3: Yes, there is an option to include a pump with the hydraulic steering system, making it a versatile choice for diverse marine needs.