Hydraulic Steering Cylinder for Marine with 20 Days Delivery



When it comes to marine engineering, the hydraulic steering cylinder is an integral component that cannot be overlooked. With a delivery promise of just 20 days, our hydraulic steering cylinder stands out in the market for its quick availability and remarkable features. Our product is designed to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, making it an essential actuator in the hydraulic transmission system. With a one-year warranty and our showroom located in Indonesia, we ensure our customers get the best quality and service.

This hydraulic steering cylinder is designed for marine applications. It has a rod diameter of 35mm and a bore diameter of 63mm, which ensures its robustness and durability. The maximum stroke is 226mm, and the cylinder can withstand a pressure of up to 20Mpa. The hydraulic cylinder has an outer tube diameter of 80mm and an inner tube diameter of 63mm. Its double-acting feature and flange mounting style make it versatile and easy to install in a variety of marine systems. The cylinder is new and comes with video technical support for after-warranty service, which ensures the product’s longevity and your peace of mind.

EVER-POWER’s hydraulic steering cylinder is a testament to our commitment to quality. Our cylinders are designed and created by professional engineers, crafted with the best materials using state-of-the-art equipment, and checked by professional inspectors before shipping. We take pride in our ability to provide a one-stop service for our customers, offering professional after-sale service to address any questions or concerns. Our hydraulic cylinders are widely used in engineering machinery industries, a testament to their reliability and superior performance. We urge you to explore our product and see how it can add value to your marine systems. Invest in EVER-POWER’s hydraulic steering cylinder and experience exceptional performance and service.

Q1: What is the maximum pressure the hydraulic steering cylinder can withstand?

A1: The hydraulic steering cylinder can withstand a pressure of up to 20Mpa.

Q2: What is the warranty on the hydraulic steering cylinder?

A2: The hydraulic steering cylinder comes with a one-year warranty.

Q3: What after-warranty services are offered for the hydraulic steering cylinder?

A3: We provide video technical support as an after-warranty service for our hydraulic steering cylinder.