Linear Actuator For Motion Platform Electric Motor Hydraulic Cylinder: The Ultimate Solution for Your Machinery Needs



Introducing the Linear Actuator for Motion Platform Electric Motor Hydraulic Cylinder, a new, non-standard, double-acting hydraulic cylinder made from premium 20# and 45# steel. This state-of-the-art hydraulic cylinder has been expertly designed to deliver unparalleled performance in machinery repair shops and construction works. The cylinder, the core component of this product, is robust and reliable, with a warranty of 1.5 years. It’s not just the cylinder that boasts of longevity; the entire product comes with a 1.5-year warranty, making it a safe and sound investment for your industry.

This high-powered hydraulic cylinder operates under a working pressure of 7Mpa-21Mpa, offering a seamless functioning in even the most demanding industrial settings. The body material is made of steel, ensuring durability and strength. The seals and seals kit are from Hallite, a renowned name in the industry known for its top-notch quality. The color of the hydraulic cylinder can be customized as per client’s request, offering aesthetic flexibility besides the operational superiority. With a weight of 200 KG, this hydraulic cylinder is equipped with features like video outgoing-inspection and a machinery test report, providing complete transparency about its quality and performance.

At EVER-POWER, we take pride in offering the best in class hydraulic cylinders that are integral to the functioning of your machinery. Our Hydraulic Cylinder Double Acting is not just a product; it’s a testament to our commitment to bringing the best to our customers. With a minimum order quantity of just one, we extend our services to businesses of all sizes. Our after-warranty service includes online support, ensuring that you are never alone in your journey with our products. We not just provide products; we build relationships.

We invite you to explore our Linear Actuator for Motion Platform Electric Motor Hydraulic Cylinder and experience the superior performance and quality it brings to your operations. We are confident that once you use our hydraulic cylinder, there will be no looking back. So why wait? Click here to make a purchase now and take the first step towards enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Our products are packed securely in plywood cases, iron cases, or pallets and can be shipped through ports at Qingdao, Shanghai, or Ningbo. We also offer full customization, enabling us to design all size parameters as per your specific needs. Trust us to deliver the best. EVER-POWER – your partner in growth.


  1. What is the warranty period for the Hydraulic Cylinder Double Acting?
    The Hydraulic Cylinder Double Acting comes with a warranty of 1.5 years.
  2. Can the color of the hydraulic cylinder be customized?
    Yes, the color of the hydraulic cylinder can be customized as per the client’s request.
  3. What is the minimum order quantity for this product?
    The minimum order quantity for our Hydraulic Cylinder Double Acting is just one.