Under Body Tipper Kits Hydraulic Telescopic Cylinder



Welcome to your ultimate source for high-quality under body tipper kits hydraulic telescopic cylinder. This product, a result of premium-grade engineering and sophisticated design, is a testament to the power of robust and reliable hydraulic technology. The showroom is conveniently located in Australia, offering our customers a first-hand view of our range of products. It operates at a hydraulic pressure and weighs approximately 10 units. The under body tipper kit’s hydraulic telescopic cylinder comes with a 1-year warranty, ensuring your investment is protected against any manufacturing defects.

Our hydraulic telescopic cylinder features a rod diameter of 50, a maximum stroke of 1500, and outer and inner tube diameters ranging from 97-180 and 95-170 respectively. The cylinder, designed for high performance, can sustain a working pressure of 7Mpa to 21Mpa. The seals from Parker BUSAK SHAMBAN OPTIONAL HALLITE MERKEL ensure that your hydraulic system remains secure and leak-free, enhancing the overall performance and lifespan of the product. The mounting style of this ingenious engineering marvel is earrings flange foot mounting, and it is constructed from alloy steel or steel, promising long-term durability and resilience.

The cylinder’s bore ranges from 38 to 2032, and it comes in stages from 2 to 6, offering versatility for various applications. With a maximum stroke of up to 15000 mm, our hydraulic telescopic cylinder is designed to handle heavy-duty tasks with ease. It is shipped in a pallet or plywood case, ensuring secure and damage-free delivery. The port of dispatch is Qingdao, guaranteeing efficient and timely shipping.

At EVER-POWER, we take pride in providing top-notch hydraulic solutions that meet a diverse range of needs. Our under body tipper kits hydraulic telescopic cylinder is just one example of our commitment to delivering quality and value. We invite you to explore our product line and discover how we can enhance your operations with our advanced hydraulic solutions. Don’t miss out on our engineering masterpieces – click here to make your purchase today!

Our company, Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 1998, has over two decades of experience in manufacturing hydraulic cylinders. With an annual sales of $23 million US dollars in 2018, we have been a trusted supplier for customers around the globe, including America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia. Our products, such as Engineering Machinery Cylinders, Vehicle Cylinders, Custom Cylinder, and Power Pack, are renowned for their quality and reliability.


Q: What is the warranty period for the under body tipper kits hydraulic telescopic cylinder?
A: The product comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Q: What is the maximum stroke of the hydraulic telescopic cylinder?
A: The maximum stroke of our hydraulic telescopic cylinder is 15000 mm.

Q: Where is the showroom located?
A: Our showroom is located in Australia, where you can view our range of products.