Underbody Tipper Kits for Dump Trailer and Underbody Hydraulic Tipping Hoist Kits



When it comes to heavy-duty machinery and equipment, quality and durability are paramount. Our underbody tipper kits for dump trailers and underbody hydraulic tipping hoist kits are designed to meet these exacting standards. These kits are manufactured in Australia and feature a hydraulic pressure system that is both robust and reliable. Built to handle considerable weight, the kits include a rod with a diameter of 50 and a weight capacity of 20. The maximum stroke of the system is a remarkable 1945, with an outer tube diameter ranging from 97-180 and an inner tube diameter of 95-170. These impressive specifications make our kits an essential addition to your dump trailer or truck.

Each kit comes equipped with a product name, stroke capacity ranging from 676mm to 1947mm, and a working pressure of 18mpa. The tipping capacity is versatile, ranging from 5 to 18 tons. Designed to meet different needs, these kits are available in 3-stage, 4-stage, or 5-stage models. They’re specifically designed for use with Tipping Trailer Dump Trucks and are guaranteed with a 1-year warranty. The kits are carefully packaged for protection during transport, either on a pallet or in a plywood case, and are shipped out from the Qingdao port.

At EVER-POWER, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products that can withstand the most demanding conditions. Our underbody tipper kits and underbody hydraulic tipping hoist kits are no exception. They are not only reliable and durable but also designed with the user’s convenience in mind. We believe that you deserve the best, and that’s precisely what we offer. Don’t compromise on quality; choose EVER-POWER. We invite you to explore our products and see how they can enhance your operations. Remember, your satisfaction is our success.


1. What is the warranty on your underbody tipper kits and hydraulic tipping hoist kits?

Our underbody tipper kits and hydraulic tipping hoist kits come with a 1-year warranty.

2. What is the tipping capacity of these kits?

The tipping capacity of these kits ranges from 5 to 18 tons.

3. How are your kits packaged for shipping?

Our kits are carefully packaged either on a pallet or in a plywood case for protection during transport.